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Hype Whale

Hype Whale


Let me ask you one question: do you even whale, bro? These days there’s a lot of hype behind limited release craft beers. We here at Red Brick would love to throw our hat in the ring, but exclusivity isn’t really our thing. That’s why we brewed enough of this Bourbon aged Imperial Stout to go around. This beer features big notes of dark chocolate and espresso beans with a distinct Bourbon oak character, which is achieved by aging the beer for
an extended period on chipped Bourbon barrels prior to bottling. So go ahead, grab your favorite glass and enjoy this whale of a stout.

Food Pairings

Pecans, caramel popcorn, short rib stew, chocolate lava cake

Alc. by vol.


Bitterness, Color

67 IBU; 69 SRM


February; 12 oz bottles and draft

Release Date

February 2016

Hop Variety

Apollo, Magnum, Willamette

Serving Conditions

Best Served at 50-55 degrees in a tulip glass