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vanilla gorilla

vanilla gorilla

imperial porter with vanilla beans

Here at Red Brick Brewing Company we're serious about our beer, and the Brick Mason series showcases our dedication to the art of brewing. With that said, we invite you to enjoy this handcrafted Imperial Porter. Featuring Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans, which impart a rich, dark, and creamy character, these qualities enhance the luxurious chocolate notes in the carefully selected blend of six different malts.The result is a beer at the height of our creative expression as brewers, and completely deserving of our hightest distinction as a Brick Mason.

Beer family: Brick Mason Series

Food Pairings

Pork barbecue, vanilla ice cream, cherry pie

Alc. by vol.


Bitterness, Color

64 IBUs, SRM 47


November-Tip its gone 12oz bottles and draft

Release Date

October 2013

Hop Variety

Apollo, Willamette

Serving Conditions

Best enjoyed at 55 degrees in a tulip or snifter