red brick brewery announces move to cans beginning in winter 2014


Laughing Skull CanRed Brick Brewery Announces Move to Cans Beginning in Winter 2014
Brewery aims to benefit consumers with fresher alternative to bottles

AUGUST 19, 2014  (ATLANTA) – Georgia’s oldest operating craft brewery, Red Brick Brewing Company, announced today its decision to move from bottles to cans for its entire line of core and seasonal beers beginning with its signature beer Laughing Skull Amber Ale this winter.

“Our decision to move to cans aligns with our goals to become a leader in the southern craft beer market with higher quality brews and a more creative approach to product,” said Tyler Cates, marketing coordinator for Red Brick. “We researched the option of cans and it was clear that the move would benefit both the brewery and our customers.”

According to the brewery, unlike glass, cans are durable, relatively safe for the public, easily transportable and are recycled more often than any other beverage container. In addition, cans chill quickly and keep beer fresher longer by eliminating light exposure, improving the overall drinking experience for consumers.

About Red Brick

Founded in 1993, Red Brick began their brewing odyssey at a small building in downtown Atlanta. They have established a 20-year tradition of producing fresh, interesting, and delicious brews for your drinking pleasure. They pride themselves on crafting a variety of year round and seasonal offerings, including our exclusive Brick Mason series.


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